D.O.B.  April 19th, 2019

He's a  CHOCOLATE TRI triple Carrier Male, at/a  bb  Dd  EE EM/EM  (No brindle-No Pied)  he carries the FLUFFY L GENE!  That means he can create Fluffy French Bulldogs with the correct female. More likely than not he will be rehomed to a PET HOME!  We're extremely picky with where our puppies go.

He comes from an Excellent Pedigree.  Some of the names on his pedigree; Ronin, Von Der Monarchia, Curly's, Firefield, Blue Moon, Beast, & De La Parure.

Dam is Tootsie. She's a Fawn & weighs about 23-24 lbs.  She is a Quad carrier. 


Sire is Dough Boy.  He's a Chocolate Sable that carries the TRI (ay/at) gene, & the "L" gene.  The L gene is what creates the fluffy french bulldog.  He weighs approx 27-28 lbs.

He's ready for my forever home now.

If you're interested in him please feel free to contact us.  We'll answer any questions you have.  


Please do your research on the breed.  We do NOT ever rehome them to kennels.  


Please read up above for his description!