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Happy & Intelligent

On January 22, 2016 our little fur baby was born. Meme was so kind in texting me a picture right after he was born letting me know we had our little boy. His name is Bruce and he's 12 weeks old now.  He's full of love and affection and is always happy and very intelligent. He has learned sit , lay down , speak , shake his paw, roll over and play dead. He is full of energy and cracks us up when he gets into his playful mood. He's very healthy and has the best personality.

Fabulous life of frenchies has an amazing breeder who has so much love and compassion for french bulldogs. Meme would always send me pictures and videos of our little puppy and would answer all of our questions. She gave us a bag of food and a gift bag with a blanket and toys and a bowl which helped us get started on our new puppy journey.

All his paper work and everything was very professionally done and organized. I was able to witness the love that she has for all her beautiful french bulldogs.

The blue french bull dog that i fell in love with is Bruce's mom, Venice. I've seen two of Fabulous life of frenchies litters and all of the puppies were gorgeous. I know we made a great choice in purchasing a puppy from fabulous life of frenchies this puppy is such blessing, we can't picture our life without him. ❤️

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