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French Bulldog 


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Here are some of my past newborn french bulldog puppies in their first hours home with me.


I always keep the newborn french bulldog puppies close to me, so that I can monitor everything going on with them 24/7.

Interested in bringing home a french bulldog puppy of your own?

When I bring the french bulldog puppies home, they're put in an incubator for the first 3 weeks of their lives. I'm up around the clock helping the Mamas out with them. The first 3 days the puppies eat every 2 hours.    ​

The temperature in the incubator is set at 90 degrees for the first couple of days.  I lower the temperature a few degrees every few days after until my french bulldog puppies are approx. 3 weeks old.  At 3 weeks old or around 21 days old they can regulate their own body heat.  My french bulldog puppies are then taken out of the incubator for good & placed in a play area. Once in the play area they're supervised around the clock by myself or another family member.

French BulldogPuppy Play Area

Once the pupppies are taken out of the incubator I move them to a play area.  This is where they'll live until they leave for their forever homes at 8 weeks & up.


In the puppy play area they are played with numerous times a day.  They eat 4-5 times daily.  The area is cleaned frequently throughout the day & night.  I attempt to start potty-training them at around 6 weeks old.  


They sleep on cots, & puppy beds.  They are never put outside on the grass, or any other surface at our home.  At this age they aren't up to date on all of their shots.  We like to be safe with their health, so they are kept in their designated area.  We do hold them, hug them, play with them, & love them all day long! 

French bulldog puppies should always leave to their new home up to date on shots with a clear health exam from a LICENSED VETERINARIAN.


This is an expense that I always cover, because I want to be 100% sure that my puppies are healthy before they leave me.


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