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I am writing this letter to let you know we absolutely love our puppy Lucy we got from you back in March. She has had no health or allergy problems and is becoming more beautiful everyday. Her favorite things are eating her raw food & playing with her chewies on the couch. She falls asleep every night with her frenchie sister Penelope & her favorite purple bear toy.


I surfed through a lot of frenchie breeders online before choosing you. I wanted my puppy to have a sweet personality & a pretty frenchie face (no bug eyes). Lucy is all of that & more. You'd be proud to see how she's growing up. Her face & smile are adorable! I recommend anyone getting a puppy through you. It was a easy, great experience for us & for Lucy. Thank you! Have a great summer!

Lucy | Pheonix



Just wanted to thank you for Luna, she has become like another child to us she is just wonderful. For anyone interested in a frenchie from Mesha her stock is of superior quality, she is very professional in her business and I was always welcomed to come visit my baby in her home.

I highly recommend her. She takes very good care of all her dogs and puppies and keeps you well informed of their progress I look forward to finding a mate for my luna with mesha in the future.

Claudia Berrera



I'd like to thank Mesha for changing our lives with this bundle of joy. While I was doing research on where to purchase a French bulldog I became aware of all of the possibilities of them not being taken care of and coming to you sick or not full breed Frenchie rather mixed with something else. HOWEVER, Mesha has all information for you upon request, and is more than happy to go above and beyond to make you feel great about your purchase. She Truly cares about each and every little puppy she sells or sends to their new home. My wife and I are truly blessed to have this little guy (ROCKY) in our lives as his is the greatest companion and new family member. I highly recommend buying a French Bulldog through Mesha as all her puppies are healthy and cute as can be as well as my overall experience with her.




I am the proud owner of a male french bulldog. He is playful and fun.  He does really well with family, is smart, strong and very alert. He is the best companion  dog you could have, and I am so Happy that I would probably go back to FLF and get him a companion because of the amazing outcome I    have experienced w/him.




Last year I was looking for a Frenchie puppy and came across Fabulous Life of Frenchies. I contacted the breeder and she sent me pictures of her available puppies, the very next day I went to her house and picked out my new baby Maya. Over the next couple of weeks I would get updated pictures and information on my puppy until she was ready to take home. All of the puppies are well taken care of and spoiled!! The breeder makes sure that her pups are always clean, healthy and loved! My puppy is 10 months old and she has the best temperament, she is such a good dog and me and my husband were so happy with the whole experience with “The Frenchie Lady" that we recently added a new baby sister named Remy for our Maya to play with. Again, another great experience. These dogs are excellent bred and beautiful dogs. My family couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase from Fabulous Life of Frenchies. 

Mandy L.



By far the best breeder in the area. Bella has the best disposition and is a perfect fit with our family and our other dogs. What an amazing experience getting our newest member to our family. Thank you for being so great to work with and look forward to more experiences.




On January 22, 2016 our little fur baby was born. Mesha was so kind in texting me a picture right after he was born letting me know we had our little boy. His name is Bruce and he's 12 weeks old now.  He's full of love and affection and is always happy and very intelligent. He has learned sit , lay down , speak , shake his paw, roll over and play dead. He is full of energy and cracks us up when he gets into his playful mood. He's very healthy and has the best personality. Fabulous life of frenchies has an amazing breeder who has so much love and compassion for french bulldogs. Mesha would always send me pictures and videos of our little puppy and would answer all of our questions. She gave us a bag of food and a gift bag with a blanket and toys and a bowl which helped us get started on our new puppy journey. All his paper work and everything was very professionally done and organized. I was able to witness the love that she has for all her beautiful french bulldogs. The blue french bull dog that i fell in love with is Bruce's mom, Venice. I've seen two of Fabulous life of frenchies litters and all of the puppies were gorgeous. I know we made a great choice in purchasing a puppy from fabulous life of frenchies this puppy is such blessing, we can't picture our life without him. ❤️

Andrea Cruz



I bought 2 females from the same litter in August of 2015. They are beautiful perfect puppies and I couldn't be happier.




Her dedication & the way she loves her Frenchies. They are treated like family.

Dai Pearson



Great experience! From the very beginning; explaining the process, pictures, & meeting for delivery. There was communication every step of the way. Almost 8 months later, she still checks in for updates, loves to get pictures, and we can still ask for advice with no hesitation.


Mesha puts her heart into her dogs & you can see it! We’re super happy Mesha trusted us and gave us our first little Frenchie, Coco. 💯% recommended

Alexis Puente



Mesha went above and beyond for my girlfriend and I's search for a frenchie, she blessed us with an amazing dog. She gave us full transparency when it came to the wellcare of these frenchies including visits to the vet to make sure that you were getting a quality dog with a clean bill of health before you took ownership. We truly believe that this is not a business for her, but a passion and thats what seperates her from other breeders. 10/10 experience, I would recommend her to anyone seeking more information or to purchase a frenchie from her! We cannot thank her enough!

Dakota Siepman 



Mesha offers a platform to learn and share with others. Very positive and welcoming environment for everyone.

Katherine Manning



A huge thank you to Mesha for matching us with the prefect Frenchie “Goldie”. She asked thorough questions about we wanted in a Frenchie and suggested 12 month old Goldie might be a good fit. I found Mesha to be open, honest, and put the best interest of her puppies first. Goldie’s sweet and playful personality is proof that Mesha puts her heart and sole into these pups. Thank you Mesha, we love her!

♡ Rhonda Irish Pesterfield



Fabulous Life of Frenchies is number ONE in my book. An open and honest breeder who allowed me to speak to her vet. Pups are healthy! They are easy to get ahold of and she is always sending photos of the puppies as they grow. She has been available to answer questions after the sale and truly cares about all her pups. We could not be happier with our bulldog who came to us 90 percent potty trained and crate trained. Like potato chips, we will be back for another ❤️

Susan Rousseau-Speedy



We feel so fortunate and lucky that we found the Fabulous Life of Frenchies on Instagram. We've been wanting a Frenchie for years now and seeing how much love Mesha gives these pups helped us to finally pull the trigger. 
The second we saw Bodhi's photo, we fell in love! After speaking with Mesha, we knew we had to have this dog. She loves her dogs, takes great care of them, and only wants them to go to loving homes. She's so easy to work with and we highly recommend anyone wanting a Frenchie to work with her.

Matt Mann



I bought my first frenchie with Mesha, she was great!! Her house was immaculate and she let me visit with Luna so we can bond, 2 years later she is still available with any questions I might have, she has helped me through my first litter, she’s wonderful and I’m so glad I got Luna from her, I highly recommend her and her frenchies are top quality.

Claudia Barrera



Fabulous Life of Frenchies has been a true blessing in my life. I got the love of my life, ‘Trucker,’ from her and he’s is a true angel. I needed him in my life at the very moment he entered it. Thank to her and this page I’ve learned a lot and am proud to say, “I am a Frenchie Mom.”

Trina Raleigh



Bought my frenchie Felix from Mesha a little over a year ago. Was going out of town the week I found him and she was even willing to watch him a few extra days before I picked him up. Even to this day she’s always open for questions and even contacts me for updated photos of him which I personally think is awesome. I’ve never kept in contact with a breeder after purchase but it’s nice to know she still thinks of him and wants to see how he’s doing. I plan on purchasing another frenchie for myself before Christmas and I will definitely without a doubt be contacting her. Anytime anyone asks about my pup I always always always recommend her! She’s just as fabulous as her frenchies

Breanna Hess



First I wanna say that you were very helpful to our family. Our Poncho came socialized & loved. We can't thank you enough for giving us our Poncho. We love him to pieces. We recommend you to anyone who wants a French Bulldog. Thank you for being there whenever I have questions.

Jason Maore



I have one of Mesha’s awesome little puppies. Her name is Moo and she has brought so much joy to our lives. She has been in good health since we got her. I know that Mesha takes the best care of her puppies and their mothers. She doesn’t breed irresponsibly. They become like her own babies and she only places them with loving homes. Mesha drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to hand deliver our puppy. We are totally pleased and highly recommend her.

Sandy Ortega 



I got my baby Bella and couldn't be happier. She's healthy and beautiful. Best breeder I've ever dealt with...answers questions, has healthy, happy puppies, and genuinely cares about the puppies. Would 100% get another puppy from her when it's time!

♡ Amy Miller 



These puppies are not only beautiful but well taken care of. ❤️❤️

♡ Zane Child



If your looking not only for a quality breeder, but a breeder who actually is passionate about her Dogs/Pups then look no further cause that’s exactly what Fabulous life of Frenchies is about. I’m a “MoM” of 2 babies and couldn’t be more happy! Question concerns were answered no matter how difficult I was she never hesitated to help! Thanks for all that you’ve done.

♡ Jean Garcia 



Mesha is so sweet and amazing! We love our Penny.

♡ Monica Guzman 

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