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My family couldn't be happier

Last year I was looking for a Frenchie puppy and came across Fabulous Life of Frenchies. I contacted the breeder and she sent me pictures of her available puppies, the very next day I went to her house and picked out my new baby Maya. Over the next couple of weeks I would get updated pictures and information on my puppy until she was ready to take home. All of the puppies are well taken care of and spoiled!! The breeder makes sure that her pups are always clean, healthy and loved! My puppy is 10 months old and she has the best temperament, she is such a good dog and me and my husband were so happy with the whole experience with “The Frenchie Lady" that we recently added a new baby sister named Remy for our Maya to play with. Again, another great experience. These dogs are excellent bred and beautiful dogs. My family couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase from Fabulous Life of Frenchies. 

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