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     Has your dog (ANY BREED) been acting differently lately? Do they have hot spots, are they scratching, have loose stools, throwing up? Now you can find out if these symptoms are due to food or environmental intolerances.


Fabbie Dog (our other company) has partnered with Modern Allergy Management and we're happy to bring this Pet Intolerance Test For All Dog Breeds.  It tests for 300 items, including all the major proteins, most grains, fruits, vegetables, the most common trees and grasses, as well as fabrics and materials. No pricks, no blood, no whimpering!


Just send us a sample of your pet’s hair and you’ll be emailed a comprehensive report within approximately 10 business days of receiving your sample. 


You will receive an Email with test submission instructions after your purchase there is no physical kit to wait for, as outside contaminants do not affect the information stored within the hair. If you haven't received your Test Submission within 1 day of ordering please contact us via email. 



  • We REQUIRE  to you get a tracking number with your package/envelope when you ship the hair sample.  Hold on to it in case it's ever needed.

Pet Intolerance Test


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